At this City Council hearing, the Baltimore Police gave their side — the public didn’t

At a Baltimore City Council public hearing this week, the Baltimore Police Department had the opportunity to present the independent review report of the death of Tyrone West, who died two years ago during a struggle while police were attempting to arrest him.

Unfortunately, Councilmember Warren Branch (13th District) refused to let the citizens who attended the hearing to present their own testimony, saying they had such an opportunity at prior hearings. Many of them appeared to be friends and supporters of West and his family — and they expressed their displeasure loudly.

Branch, however, did call on State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby to reopen the death investigations of three other men who died during encounters with Baltimore police. The Sun’s Luke Broadwater wrote up a story here.

This hearing was broadcast live on The key points in the hearing were¬†as follows — watch the video below:

0:45 Commissioner Kevin Davis gives opening remarks.
4:20 Internal Affairs Chief Rodney Hill starts presentation.
7:35 Concern with tactics of officers.
9:25 Hill recounts recommendations from internal independent review.
10:35 Concern about officer’s use of pepper spray.
11:40 “Mr. Tyrone West did not die in vain.”
12:25 Medical Examiner and State’s Attorney’s Office declined to appear at hearing.
12:54: Commissioner Davis speaking again. BPD going outside organization for subject matter experts to help them improve.
15:42 Branch declares will not hear testimony from members of public. Refers to Freddie Gray as “Freddie Brown.”
16:32 Citizen complaining about Branch blocking public testimony.
17:12 Branch reflects on death of others in confrontation with police, and asks for State’s Attorney to re-open cases.
22:56 Citizen complains about Councilman Warren Branch restricting public comment at public hearing.
24:08 More citizen complaints.
24:45 Meeting adjourned — citizens start chanting

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